Online Banking Suite

Wherever You Go, Our Online Banking Suite Goes With You.

Enjoy a personal connection to your account anywhere — anytime.

Our Digital Banking Suite is the most convenient way to manage your money. No matter what device you use, you get a smooth, personalized banking experience. That means you have complete control of your account on your smartphone, tablet and computer.

It lets you manage your account from anywhere you want — it’s your personal banking portal. Whether you log in to your account online or through the , you have access to the same powerful features all in one place.

Here’s a look at what you can do with our Digital Banking Suite:
  • View balances: Quickly check your account from anywhere
  • Manage transactions: Search your recent activity, filter by tags, even add an image or note to an entry
  • Transfer funds: Initiate one-time, future date or repeating transfers
  • Make payments: Make person-to-person or bill payments from any device
  • Get alerts: Receive push notifications and alerts to stay in the know

Most users will be able to use their existing username. However, the first time you log in, you will use the last 4 digits of your social security number, or EIN number if you are registered for a business.

Like any upgrade, there will be changes. We have been made aware of changes coming to current usernames due to character restrictions. As a result, the following characters have been removed from all existing usernames: “ . - |= , “.

If you user name was:


It will now become “HarryPotter”.

This is what you will use to log in to the new platform. You will not need to re-register.

The video below details the First Time Login process.
After your first time login, please allow 15-30 minutes for the system to load all of your information.

Contact Customer Service with any questions at 800-787-4542.

Browser Support - Google Chrome

Your new Online Banking is not supported in Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. Please access using Google Chrome.

Download Google Chrome

3rd Party Apps and Integrations – Aggregators 

Because of the online banking change-over, it is likely that any 3rd party applications you use to manage your finances will disconnect during the changeover. It is possible that these will be down approximately 7-10 days after the switch. You will likely need to update your sign-in information, and reconnect any 3rd party apps after the change has taken place. 

Intuit Quickbooks, Quicken, TurboTax

  • Quicken and Quickbooks will be down 5-7 business days beginning May 22, 2023.
  • TurboTax will be unavailable beginning May 15, 2023.

1st Action Date: Friday, May 19, 2023
A data file backup and a final transaction download should be completed by this date.  Please make sure to complete the final download before this date since transaction  history might not be available after the upgrade.

2nd Action Date: Monday, May 22, 2023
Please find the remaining steps of the conversion instructions below. You will need to complete the deactivation and reactivation process of your online connection to ensure a NEW successful connection within our upgraded platform.

Conversion instructions

Intuit aggregation services may be interrupted for up to 3-5 business days. Users are encouraged to download a QBO file during this outage. The following services may not work during the outage:

  • Quicken Win/Mac Express Web Connect
  • QuickBooks Online Express Web Connect
  • Mint

Please carefully review your downloaded transactions after completing the migration instructions to ensure no transactions were duplicated or missed on the register.

To ensure the highest levels of security, our new online banking limits the access to online banking accounts by not allowing customers to create sub users.This not only increases the level of security but also helps to reduce the possibility of fraud and other malicious activity.

As an alternative, the new platform will allow users to share their e-statements with up to 3 additional recipients. To do this you will need to complete the steps provided below, once the new online banking platform goes live, May 22nd.

How to add Additional E-Statement Recipients:

  1. Select:

  2. Select:

  3. Select:

We’re here to help! If you have any questions regarding this upgrade,
please contact us at 888-285-7826.

Mobile and data charges may apply. Check with your mobile provider for details.