Customer Information File Update

In recent months there has been an increase in check and ATM fraud in our area. As a result, you may have noticed that our staff is asking additional questions when you call or come into a branch to verify transactions. This practice was implemented for the protection of our customers. We are asking all customers to be vigilant in protecting their information and to contact the bank immediately if you have any suspicion that your account or information has been compromised.

Industry research indicates that a compromise can happen quickly. Having the most up to date customer information is essential to be able to contact our customers as swiftly as possible to resolve a situation.

Please help us by providing your up to date customer information. Due to recent pubic health and safety measures related to COVID-19, you will be unable to update your information in-person. To make this process as convenient as possible there are multiple options available to you to complete the process, you may:

  1. Contact your local branch, customer service or loan office to update your information via telephone. Branch phone numbers can be found here.

  2. Go to to fill out the form and submit it electronically.*

*Forms submitted online will require additional verification. Forms will not be processed until you receive a phone call verifying your identity and confirming that you requested any changes noted on the form. Please indicate on the form which branch you would like to receive a call back from.  In order to expedite the process, we have selected specific branches in each market area to perform the call back verification. These branches are listed at the bottom of the form.  If you receive a call back from any branch other than the branch selected on your form, please hang up and call your local branch to report the incident.

When normal branch operations resume, you will also have the ability to perform this customer update in person at any branch location.

If you are submitting a form that requests an address other than the address we currently have on file, please note that we may request additional address verification documents.

Liberty Bell Bank, A Division of The Bank of Delmarva is dedicated to ensuring the security of our customers’ information, and we thank you for your assistance in this process.

Do you have a REAL ID? Do we have a copy? Do we have all of your current contact information? 

Please help us keep you protected from potential fraud, and informed about important information by updating your information. 

Contact your nearest branch to update your Customer Information File.